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About us

Etag has a simple, easy to implement software solution that captures data in real time to ease the site users' journey, with an intelligent interaction and engagement we increase sales of an e-commerce. Our platform doesn't use cookies and is in agreement with GDPR standards. Our focus is the client's experience, offering a relevant and assertive communication. With a focus on service we manage to keep the client for more time on the e-commerce, decreasing rejection on the website and abandoning their purchases (abandoned shopping cart). We guide the customer, through similar and complementary product recommendation, to choose their product quicker, concluding their purchase with ease. We automate the buying process and the delivery of transactional e-mails, like this, once the client abandons the website and their cart without finalizing a purchase, we resend an automated communication with the products via e-mail, encouraging them to take it up again, making them feel assisted and leading them to finish the purchase. All of this whilst thinking about the experience and loyaltly of the website's clients, without forgetting about the final objective, understand and attend well so the sale becomes a consequence.

Mission and Philosophy

Etag Digital's mission is to be a simple, easy to implement Software solution, where the efficient and intelligent capture and use of Data turns us into a reference in the market. Prioritizing the clients experience, focusing on the relevance of communication, and increasing sales amd performance. Etag values the ethics and transparency in relationships with all partners. Our culture unites traditional values and innovation, the generate positive impact and give results. Etag has a strong sense of community, and at the same time respect of it's partners' individuality.

Our History

Working together for more than 15 years, Juliana Custodio and Christiane Nascimento met in London and started to get involved in various projects together. In 2009, they were part of the founding team of the startup Ve Interactive and in 2012 they started the company's trajectory in Latin America. In 2018 there was a seperation of partners and they decided to use the experience they gained for continue in the work sector, and with that in 2019 they founded Etag Digital. Get to know our founders:

Juliana Custódio


Graduated in Business and with an MBA from the University of Gloucestershire, she lived 10 years in England, has more than 15 years of digital marketing experience in the Latin and British market, in addition to a history of success in the creation of multinational businesses and startups. She was part of the founding team of a startup until 2018 and in 2019 she founded Etag Digital.

Christiane Nascimento

Graduated in Economy through PUCCAMP, former management director, she worked with large companies and in different markets, Europe and Latam before taking on the challenge of founding Etag Digital.
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