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Transform your Customer Journey

Encourage visitors to return to your website through transactional and remarketing e-mails that are highly segmented and personalized.

Create Remarketing and Transactional e-mail Campaigns, automaticly, simply and efficiently.
Automate your Campaigns and capture e-mails in Real Time

Tested layouts with dynamic content

Tested Call to action to improve clicks

100% responsive

Audience segmentation based on filter criterias

Dynamic content with product feed

Guaranteed delivery

Perfectly timed with up to 30 minutes automatically
E-mail capture in real time

We capture user emails as they are entered into the form pre-submission and engage immediately after abandonment occurs

E-mail delivery including shopping cart

Customize your message to offer dynamic promotional codes to your clients, encouraging the purchase

Customized layout

The design can be customized to be completely intergrated with your brands website

Product recommendation
Send out the shopping cart with product feed and the promotional messages / offers segmented based on user navigation
Promote your brand and build relationships with e-mails sent in Real Time.
Increase your Revenue

Convert your anonymous audience into clients – sell more!

Send the abandoned cart

Intelligent and fast campaigns

Deliver and complement your
marketing and CRM actions

Win back the users that left your site

Recommend products and services automatically

Customized Templates

Inspire, interact and engage in a simple way, through clear and effective communication.

Save time

Choose the best design

Intelligent and fast campaigns

Personalize the Online Shopping Experience

Construct Value and, consequently, sell more

Reporting and Analysis

A platform that's easy to use and visualize all the data
of your campaigns

Opens, Clicks and Conversions all tracked in one place

A/B test with subjects that work the best

Learn about your clients behaviour so you can attend them better

Have the report in your hands whenever you want – choose the frequency 

Improve your Brand's Reputation

Create relevant campaigns with 98% deliverability, with only a few steps – in a simple and easy way, you guarantee consistency for your brand.

Quick and easy validity - via token

High delivery rate

Avoid spam filters

SPF and DKIM authentication

It is important to keep the email sender with your Brand's domain – ask your Account Manager for more details.

Etag developed TAGMAIL to Automate, Transform and Facilitate the Conversion Journey
Ready to improve your e-commerce sales performance?

It is an automatic e-mail that is sent soon after the cart has been abandoned in real time. In the case of our software the ecommerce doesn't need to give any command after being implemented with our solutions.

Firstly, Marketing functions at the top of the buyers funnel, to attract a new or existing audience, using your own or third party base. But, in the case of Remarketing, the e-mails are sent based on the user navigation on the website, normally on abandoned website or shopping cart campaigns.

Etags campaigns use Remarketing, with data capture in real time, but those of other companies use cookie drop and cross with third parties.

98%, by doing relevant campaigns and working with security servers.  

Choose a creative for your campaign with your Client Sucess

No, because this action involves different servers and IPs from your website, so they won't cause any type of spam.

Yes. The client chooses this option and their IT department will have to configure the emails 

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