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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy was created to inform how our technology products and services collect, use and process data information on our clients' and partners' websites (Brands and Announcements).

Our technology collects purchasing behavior data and information that includes purchasing preferences for products and services, and e-mail addresses of users who enter on websites that use our technology.

We created this document to assist our clients and partners in understanding our services and how they will impact the journey and the result in sales of the website.

Etag Digital is a technology company with headquarters in São Paulo that creates publicity and marketing solutions to a variety of clients that pursue online operations.

We take privacy seriously and have a responsibility of guaranteeing a secure online experience. This Privacy Policy was elaborated to help you make clear choices regarding our technology and/or our website and services.

Our Services:

Our technology offers applications and Apps to be used in all steps of the user's journey or buyer's funnel on our clients' and partners' sites. Our technology has the ability of collecting information in real time and using this data to recommend assertively products and services, easing the proccess of aquisition and engagement of the entire anonymous audience or registered users on the website.

Etag's technology was developed to engage in real time, optimize CRO (Customer Optimization Rate) and increase all of the websites performace indicators and sales/conversion. We personalize the buying journey, and we recommend relevant products to the users and clients, transforming experiences and selling more.

Our Data and Information Process

To guarantee that our technology completes the whole date capture process, we apply Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence principles and collect the following catergories of personal information:

E-mail addresses and/or phone numbers, if voluntarily inserted on the site (for example, to buy and product or service, become a registered user or subscribe to marketing communications) ("Contact details"); data related to your navigation through the use of cookies, web beacons and pixel tags and similar technologies implemeted on the Client's stire or through e-mails sent by Etag in the name of our Clients ("Behavioural Data") including: IP address; referenced website URL (website address) session data and navigator's name, version, language, details about pages visited and activities on the Client's Site (for example, products viewed or bought, including details about purchases made and the time and duration of visits on the Client's Sites page), interaction information of the page ( like scrolling, clicks, and mouse-overs) and methods used to leave the page; using your IP address, your location (for example, postal code); and related events and campaigns boradcasted for our clients, like the number of banners displayed, clicks on the campaign; and the email; name; and phone number; gender, in each case, if inserted in a Client's wesbite.

We can also process Behavioural Data and Profile Data directly from the CRM of our clients, (through "Cookie Synchronization" or corresponding similar technologies). To serve you in our personalized advertisements on Customer websites and provide you with a seamless online experience, we may link your identifiers across the different browsers and environments you are using (“ID Synchronization”). Our technology can perform ID synchronization, Etag is able to display the most relevant advertisements on any device or browser that the user is using at the time of visiting the website. For this purpose, Etag uses methods of exact linking, taking advantage of the data collected through our technology, such as identifiers from our advertising partners or email hash that may pass to us.

We don't collect confidential user information (such as data related to health or religious beliefs, CPF, ID, bank account data, credit card data). Although we may infer certain information, such as your religious beliefs, from certain Behavioral Data we may collect, we do not create or use segments that rely on the use of sensitive personal information for online behavioral advertising purposes. 

The Use of the Information we collect is intended to:

Help our clients and partners personalize and create online shopping experiences, comercialize and ease the sale of your products and services in an easy, efficient, and friendly way. We manage to do this by using informed and collected data (including Behavioural Data) to create unique experiences surrounding personal preferences, interests and behaviour.

Our technology has the ability to create advertising that is relevant and based on interests and personal preferences, and behavior to serve relevant and personalized advertisements for our customers' products and services. For example, using our services, clients can chose to display personalized offers, messages, content and/or recommendation of products on the website, we do this based on informed and collected personal information about you on this site.

We use the information that we collect to operate, generate, maintain, and improve our services and to help our clients to analyse the efficiency of the campaigns carried out by our technology. The clients can access reports through the Etag Report Platform or from third parties ('Affiliates")

E-mail and SMS marketing and other communications sent by Clients using the Etag Services when the user provides contact details on the website, and, by doing so, provide the clients permission to send marketing communications, Etag can use personal information that it collected (by whichever stage of purchase on the webite) to create personalized marketing communications that are then sent by Etag in the clients name that gave valid permission to commercialize in the partners or clients name that contracts us. These remarketing communications can be sent by e-mail, text message, and push notifications on the app or similar methods developed by us, and they will always be sent by Etag on behalf of the client.

About our E-mail Campaigns.

The e-mail remarketing campaigns are made for the site users, we collect and use voluntarily provided data (including names and e-mail addresses) to send marketing communications by e-mail, this communcation is done after the consent given at the beginning of the navigation and session on the website that must authorize the receipt of such marketing communications or where we have another legal basis to do so. Our email marketing may include personalized and non-personalized email marketing, site search data and abandoned cart shipping. Personalized email is one that has been tailor-made, based on navigation. For example, our personalized abandoned cart email may feature services and products that we consider based on the data we have collected to be most likely to re-engage your users/or a customer to return to the site and make a purchase. Non-personalized Email is content we send about services and products in general and is not tailored to a user or customer. When we are sending personalized marketing emails, we will also use the information we observe from interactions on the Site in order to decide what type of personalized marketing communications to send to the user. 

We Recommend:

We recommend that our Customers and Partners include the name of Etag as a technology provider that collects and processes information in real time and that, upon collection, the user will be able to receive promotions and actions based on the browsing and purchasing experience on the website. 

Our JavaScript Tag and Cookies:

Using our technology is very simple, at the beginning of our Partnership with our customers and partners we send a JavaScript Code, a 39kb line of code, to be inserted (copy&paste) in the HTML of all pages on the website or inserted via Google Tag Manager of those who will benefit from our products and services.

After inserting and configuring the JavaScript Code, we begin collecting data in real time throughout the website's sales funnel, our technology captures and processes information in real time. We also use cookie information from websites (first party data).

Etag makes use of certain cookies, pixels, beacons, log files and other technologies on customer websites and on our website, this process helps to understand users' journey and preferences in order to personalize and recommend products and services throughout the journey. website purchase. The user has opt-in/consent at the beginning of each session or beginning of navigation on the website.

To offer our products and services, it is essential to capture data and information to create specific or non-specific content, such as creating emails, personalization and recommending similar or complementary products. We work with anonymous and registered audiences on the website, We process automatic analyzes and then customize them.

Etag under no circumstances commercializes, sells, buys, lends or exchanges information and data with third parties. We provide collected data on demand only to those entitled to it or when required to comply with court regulations.

Reference our Cookie Policy to know more about the cookies we use on our clients' websites and our website. Our Cookie Policy explains how you can generate and exclude cookies related to our site. 

Data Sharing

Etag combines information it collects across all customer sites and uses that information for the benefit of each of its customers. We share personal information we collect (including behavioral data and profile data) within the Etag group of companies to enable us to provide and improve our services. We may share personal information with third parties for specific and on-demand purposes that must be consented to by the data holder. If we wish to use the information collected for any new purpose that is not listed in these terms, we will, before using such information, assess whether it is in our legitimate interests to use it. If we determine that it is in Etag's legitimate interest to do so, we will update this Privacy Policy to explain the new purpose. Please check back frequently to see any updates or changes to this Privacy Policy 

Our legal basis

Etag relies on the consent of these and Terms and Conditions as the legal basis for processing. Consent must be requested for any new cookies that may be deposited in the browser of users who visit subsequent websites of clients and partners with whom we collaborate and work together.

We commit to warning and notifying our Partners and Customers in the event of any incident. We carry out constant quality tests to prevent any attempt at data crime. 

How to cancel our use of user information:

This section explains how to opt out of the use of your personal user information collected during your interactions with customer sites. When your user exercises their right to opt-out of receiving advertisements or any form of personalized marketing, we will need to receive sufficient information (such as cookie ID, advertising ID or email address) from our customer and partner in a suppression list or a simple email sent to our team, see contact instructions below, to ensure that no emails from us or sent by us on behalf of our customers impact opt-out users. This retention period will not expire unless you contact us to let us know that you would like us to once again send you marketing communications.

Get in contact with us via, or with your Etag agent with subject: “Opt-Out” to inform us that you wish to cancel the use of personal information from a specific user containing the data necessary for the identification and deletion to be carried out successfully.

Website users who opt-out of our data processing and website services must follow the relevant recommendations in the Terms and Conditions specified when using our Partners' websites. 

Confidentiality and Security:

We are committed to keeping all personal information we collect and provided to us secure and will take necessary precautions to protect your information from loss, misuse or alteration. We have implemented information security policies, rules and technical measures to protect the personal information we have under our control from: unauthorized access; improper use or disclosure; unauthorized modification; and unlawful destruction or accidental loss.

All of our employees and data processors (i.e. those who process your personal information on our behalf, for the purposes listed above), who have access to and are associated with the processing of personal information, are obliged to respect the confidentiality of personal information information from everyone who uses our Services. The personal information that we collect may be transferred to, and stored at, a destination outside the European Economic Area (the “EEA”), including countries, which have less strict, or no data protection laws, when compared to those in Europe or the United Kingdom. Whenever we transfer your information as described in the paragraph above, we will take steps which are reasonably necessary to ensure that adequate safeguards are in place to protect your personal information and to make sure it is treated securely and in accordance with this privacy notice. In these cases, we rely on approved data transfer mechanisms to ensure your information is subject to adequate safeguards in the recipient country. 

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We can change this Privacy Policy from time to time. To guarantee that you are always aware of how we use your personal information, we will update this Privacy Policy from time to time to reflect any changes to our use of your personal information. We may also make changes as necessary to comply with changes in applicable law or regulatory requirements. We will notify you by email of any significant changes. However, we recommend that you review this Privacy Policy periodically to be informed about how we use your personal information. 

Our Data:

E-tag Digital Technology in Media Services LTDA ("us"). We are registered in Brazil under CNPJ 01.696.075/0001-11 and have our headquarters in Rua Oscar Freire, 1431, Pinheiros, CEP 05409-010 São Paulo - Brazil, if you have any doubts or wish to exercise your rights set out in this Privacy Policy, please contact our Data Protection Officer at the email address with the subject "GDPR" April 2022

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