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Transform your Customer Journey

TagAssist encourages your audience to complete their transactions by creating a personalized experience. Our non-invasive tools will help your clients make their purchases, engaging with those who show intention of leaving the site.

Personalization that transforms users into clients through experience

Recommend similar and complementary products
Connect with your anonymous audience and convert them into clients
Combining search, navigation, recommendation, and content
A visitor that naviagtes your site shows intention of leaving before completing their transaction.

The on-site engagement tool smoothly reveals itself on the side of the screen.

Relevant content and messages are displayed in an intelligent manner to encourage the visitor to convert.
Product recommendation
Recommend complementary items to your clients, encourage additional purchases and increase your AOV (average order value).
Save and send shopping cart

Allow the shopping cart to be sent to their inbox, letting them complete their purchases at a later time.

Promotional messages
Inspire your clients to complete their transaction with personalized content and offers.
And a lot more!
CRO, search assistant, navigation history, social media sharing; e-mail or phone number capture.
Improve CRO and convert all page interactions into personalized experiences in Real Time.
Inspire personalized content and messages
Messages and content aligned with the brand strategies
Use behavioural data to personalize the message and get results
Deliver content with high conversion designs at the right time
Reinforce the message, present benefits and communicate with your client
Visibility, Expression, and Communication
Create dynamic experiences
Empower your brands voice

Convert! Increase your CRM base 

The product BookMark is an efficient way to capture leads and emails to send product recommendations

Offer "In a hurry? - Save your cart for later"

Capture emails and increase your CRM data base

Bring people back to your site

Convert your anonymous audience into clients

Send personalized products and services

Our Triggers
Action in real time
Interaction triggers based on your users actions. Engage with your audience and encourage a purchase, totally adjustable depending on the objective and message – taking advantage of all oppurtunities!

Our Triggers: Overlay Activation Triggers

After a determined time period

Page scrolling

Exit intention


Ease the Journey - Optimize your campaign to achieve the best results for your customers, your business and you.
Ready to improve your e-commerce sales performance?


No, TagAssist is an extension of your website, it works with your website and not for your website, unlike popups and top of the funnel solutions. The concept of the Solution is not about selling itself, but about adding and quality of experience, the sale is a consequence of the purpose of the application fulfilled

TagAssit can decrease your abandonment rate on product and cart pages, and your bounce rate on the home page. The purpose of the App is to recover part of the revenue lost due to abandonment. TagAssit engages and interacts with the user on your website, making their experience much faster and more efficient, consequently your website sells more.

TagAssit can be used as a branding tool and an arm of all your internal website campaigns. You can enhance the Brand, promote a specific product, capture leads, all of this at the Top of the Funnel and, above all, optimize your Media investment.

The app wasn't built to sell itself, generate traffic, or to be a Pop-Up. The conversions linked to this tool are the reflection of a set of solutions combined and enhanced by user engagement through TagAssit. Our job is to optimize the investment made in all other media and ensure that the Top of the Funnel feature is in fact being well used, our App will engage with all those who arrive on the page, ensuring interaction with the Brand and products.

It can happen, since TagAssit was developed to be a website assistant and that is its main function, its conversion rates are lower than media and email campaigns. (ps. Don't confuse conversion rate with conversion number)

Like any solution that works in the middle of the funnel of your e-commerce, TagAssist is linked to your website as an extension of all the solutions and media you use inside and outside your website. Therefore, if the performance of these solutions drops, so does the performance of TagAssist. The role of the solution is to work on the flow of audience that enters the site, engaging with them during the journey, if the flow drops, consequently the solution will have no one to interact with.

TagAssist works only with the site traffic where our tag is installed, but new users can be directed to other websites through the sharing of products and links and/or sales on social medias by your site users, this feature is available for all the sites that dont have a page created on a social media or landing pages.

We increased + 5 minutes in the Session, the average session time per user in e-commerce channels, mainly traffic generators (SEO, Direct, Search Network) is 3 and a half minutes, the average session time of users who engage with TagAssit is 8 minutes.

TagAssit with the trigger set to exit intent has an average acceptance rate of 88%. Compared to other media, the average bounce rate of performance campaigns to generate traffic is 58%.

Average "E-commerce conversion rate" of traffic generators is 0.6%, the same data for TagAssist is 2.5%.

IP blockers. (Tier 1 & 2)  

3 most common shooting configuration modes (the most complex configurations are conditioned to the type of contract)  

  • Exit Intention – Mouse movement reflex (Calibrable by speed)  
  • Closing the Tab – Going to click to close the website 
  • Inactivity – Due to navigation idleness. (Calibrable by seconds) 

Possibility of different configurations above between devices (on demand and depends on contracting). 

Yes, depending on your contract you can broadcast up to 10 seconds or 2MB of video.

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