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Partner with Us

Engage, personalize and sell more with Etag Digital! With our programs for partners, you will optimize average investment and sell more, transforming your anonymous audience into clients.

Agency and affiliates

A program based on incentives for partners that recommend Etag Digital to their clients. Passing on the lead and doing the introduction and reccomendation.

Resellers – WhiteLabel

The partner takes the lead in sales, pricing and manages all customer relationships. Etag Digital provides software and product support as needed.

Intergration partners

Integration partners and e-commerce platforms together with Etag create differentiated solutions that help our mutual customers serve and sell more.

Reasons to Partner with Etag Digital:

  • Choose the best technology on the market
  • Easy to implement and start the campaign
  • Reports in real time
  • Attractive referral commissions
  • Solutions for marketing automation, technology customization using AI
  • Competitive plans
  • High conversion
  • Flexible contracts
“Você precisa de três elementos básicos para abrir um novo negócio: conhecer o seu produto melhor do que ninguém; conhecer os seus clientes; e desejar, com todas as forças, o sucesso.”
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